Frou-Frou Anyone?

A child’s imagination is a wonderous thing.

And these tutu’s and bags are perfect for high tea with the queen… or your own version of Cinderella (wicked stepmother and stepsisters optional)… or whatever else your sweet little one can dream up. 

Don’t stop there-

These make Great Gifts

What about your Teen  or  Tween  or  Teacher?

Maybe you need a Dance Bag  or  Gymnastics Bag or Playtime Bag?

Need a special Color or Theme?

These bags come in two sizes and can be customized to fit whatever style and color combination you might want.

Orders need to be placed no later than December 1st to have in time for Christmas.

Tutu- $28.00               Small Bag- $19.95          Large Bag- $28.00

Stop  by the Shop at 416 S. Bradford


Give Tamara a call (660) 627-6117

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