Full Swing

Watch the Tamara’s Studio blog and Facebook page to see the WEEKLY SPECIAL for the coming week


(that’s 1/2 price folks!!)

SCENTCHIPS- The Original Fragrance Melt

For more than 30 years Scentchips have been hand crafted in Texas using only premium fragrances and their exclusive soy blend wax.
Scentchips as a potpourri will fragrance for over 5 years.
Regularly prices at $10, so…for the very reasonable price of $5 a box of these goodies can be yours.  If you do the math that works out to $1 per year to have a sweet smelling aroma wafting through the air.
Here’s an idea for you…
Use them in your plug-in warmer or any potpourri/Scentchip warmer
Tamara likes to use her Scentchips in a glass votive cup on top of an electric potpourri warmer (or coffee cup warmer)
The fragrances available at Tamara’s Studio for your sniffing pleasure  are:
Mango Smoothie, The Berries, Tranquility, Island Delight & Bouquet.
Here’s another idea for you…
As the seasons change if you are starting to think about the upcoming gift-giving season how about a custom-designed pillow or blanket with pictures of YOUR FAMILY.


One final bit of info…
To market to market to buy ribbons and bows,
Home again, home again…ho,ho,ho
Tamara is off to market this weekend to search out new jewelry and scarfs (and any other fantastic finds she comes across).  Stop in soon to see the new arrivals.

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